Welcome To Daccess IT Infra Pvt. Ltd.

                    Daccess Infrastructure Company Having Expert who are in field of Architect & Consultancy Design & Trunkey Project Management since 2004, its More than 10 Years Daccess Infrastructure Company Expert Design more than hundreds of Project. Daccess Infrastructure is firm for interior decoration and deliver an awesome interior design to exceed customer’s expectation. Our designers are well known in creative interior designing which we believe that it enhance visual impact about your interior expectations. We effectively work on all sort of interior Designing in Commercial Offices and Premises, Institutional Interior Designing, Residential Interior Designing etc. Our experts provide consultancy in Commercial, Hospitality and Residential Projects.
                    We come up since May 2013 Daccess It Infra Pvt Ltd company End to End offering for Infrastructure & technology Project planning, Designing, Estimation, Construction and Commissioning using all resources under one roof for coordinated planning designing and project management.
                    One Of Our Group Of Company Specially Security Offering Founded in November 2003 Daccess Security System Pvt ltd we are incorporated for Government of India science year 2006 we offer End to End Security Solutions like IP Camera CCTV , Access Control , integrated biometric/rfid solutions and applications for organization security & automation. We offer complete package solution for secured access, attendance, payroll, HR management & other office automation processes. We take pride calling ourselves as pioneer in category of image processing solutions for quality control, 3-D image biomedical software, package solution for office automation & security.

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